There's nothing quite like lazing a beautiful Summer day away, floating the Crow Wing River on a tube with friends.

The Outpost rents Tubes to do just that.  Bring your ID and $10 to The Outpost, and you will get a ride to your starting point, and an Inner Tube to float with. 

You have two options for floating. The first is to start at Tree Farm Landing.  This float will last 2 - 2 1/2 hours.  The length of time depends on how high the water is.  The water is rarely more than 3-4 feet deep.  The Second option is to start where the Shell River meets the Crow Wing River.  This float is 4-5 hours long.  The water is approximately the same depth throughout.  If you're going to be on the river that long, go with people you really like and don't run out of beer!

You know your float is over when you get to the GREEN BRIDGE. When you GREEN BRIDGE, you get off the river and walk right back to The Outpost with your tube.  It's probably 100 yards or so. Once you're back, you are welcome to enjoy cocktails and order food to round out your day. 

It's rare that you would ever need a reservation for tubes, but if you have a large group, feel free to call and give us a heads up. If you do that, we can make sure all the tubes you need will be ready to go when you are.  Summer doesn't last nearly long enough, so go tubing and go often.  We'll be here for you.

As always, there are Housekeeping and Safety issues to consider:

  • Tube rental is $10.  It's a rental.  You don't get to keep the tube.  This includes your ride to your starting point.
  • If you have your own tube but you need a ride, it's $5.  Sorry, the bus doesn't run for free.
  • We DO NOT allow tubes to be tied together.  All too often it's tied to tight and ruins the tube.
  • Tubes MUST be carried back to The Outpost.  DO NOT drag the tube.  Dragging it tears the rubber and causes them to pop. It's a tube.  It weighs almost nothing.
  • Cooler tubes are available for the same $10.  They have a hard bottom insert, so most coolers fit with not problem. Cooler tubes have a tie on them that clips to your tube so it won't float away on you.  Off Sale is available if you want to bring cocktails on the river.  We do not sell glass items for the river.
  • We do not have life vests.  If you need one, make sure you bring it.
  • We do not have child size tubes.  If your kids are small, you may want to bring a life vest for them.